Privacy Policy : Legal Hemp Street

Customers are satisfied with our privacy and policy because we don’t share our customer’s data with any third person for any interest because we know people got confidential buying drugs online. That’s why we used encrypted databases for best protection of customer’s privacy.

Privacy Protection : Legal Hemp Street

As we all know that there are many scams on the internet, some are scams and some lack due to lowest approaches in measures to privacy policies. Before starting this only store we were customers ourselves so that we have experienced almost every situation, that’s why we are using the best servers available regarding privacy protection of our customers. Your information is processed through a secure network called SSL.

Why do we need to get your data : Legal Hemp Street

When someone comes to visit Legal Hemp Street, he will observe that we only require information step by step as per need. In the start there is some basic information that all you need to create an account on any authentic website on the internet. 

When someone is buying a card we need to ask for some confidential information for the secure and reliable payment transaction, so that our customers receive orders at their doorstep within days. In the whole process from ordering to our store till you receive your delivery we don’t ask a single irrelevant question from our customers and this is what helps us to gain fame in the drugs industry within a few years.

Why do we use Cookies : Legal Hemp Street

We use cookies to respond best from our end but if someone doesn’t want your computer to send cookies you can simply give instructions to our browser. If a user turns off cookies, he/she will no longer access some of the features of the website. In Simple words we use cookies to make the whole process easy and this is all about user satisfaction. There are some points that are mentioned below because of which we need to get information at registration or at purchasing’s items.

  • To process the information in the quickest way
  • For better customers experience at website
  • For getting rid of transaction headache
  • If you are registered, you will be receiving email from Legal Hemp Street for upcoming products and much information. If you don’t want to receive email from us, you can simply tell us so that we will never send you any email because we are happy with our best user experience on the website.

By using Legal Hemp Street , you will be agreeing to privacy policies and do remember to check the privacy policies as it updates after time.

Stated: 31 January 2021.